3 Good Reasons Global Sevilla Is Part Of Best International School Jakarta Barat

3 Good Reasons Global Sevilla Is Part Of Best International School Jakarta Barat

Global Sevilla is one of many International School in Jakarta who always strives for the best students. But one thing for sure, it is not only about academic achievement, but also looking for excellent students with a solid character building. That is why this particular institution is one of the best international school in Jakarta Barat you should consider. Here are the reasons.


Reasons To Choose Global Sevilla

  1. Vast Academic Levels

Most of the time, an international school institution only focus on one level of academic. For example, kindergarten or high school. But Global Sevilla decides to offer three different levels to make a deeper and better knowledge. It is because changing schools and environments will require more adaptation.

Thus, students might feel more stressed or under pressure. In global Sevilla, you got kindergarten school, primary school, and secondary school levels. Each of them has a distinguishing learning approach, curricula, and focus to match their abilities. But one thing for sure, Mindfulness and character-building technique are given throughout those years.


  1. Different Approach

To make sure that each of the levels will work as it supposed to be, then different approaches and curricula are given for each international school Jakarta Barat level. In this case, you can expect more practical and fun learning for the younger learner. It is because they lack focus. That is why IEYC (International Early Years Curriculum) is used to focus on children’s development.

The primary school will use Active inquiry-based learning through Cambridge Primary and International Primary Curriculum. The idea is to encourage and engage the student in the classroom. While the secondary school level will use project and research-based learning. It focuses on developing students’ abilities and particular skills in different fields.


  1. Balanced Education

With the selective approach and curriculum, there is no doubt that academic results will be better. But in this case, Global Sevilla doesn’t want to focus only on the score, but more on the individual growth. Thus, the character building and mindfulness approach is used to reduce stress, add happiness, empathy, and better skills or characteristics of the international school Jakarta Barat students.

Based on the explanation, the parent can consider this school as one of the best in Jakarta Barat. It is especially true if checking how vast the academic levels and the approach are. From fun learning to research-based learning, all is adjusted with the students’ abilities. The school also employs a mindfulness and character-building approach to develop personal and emotional awareness.

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